Increasing applicant conversion starts here.


Recruiting is challenging and higher education is becoming more competitive every day. Academica's Acceptance Declined Study (ADS) will help you understand why some of your admitted applicants declined their offer and enrolled elsewhere.

The result? Improved recruitment strategy and offer of admission processes to maximize your conversion rate.

ADS measures five key areas:

1. Profile of Decliners

Includes demographic profile, education history, citizenship and more, so you can understand your declined applicants better.

2. Higher Education Plans

Measures original level of interest in your institution, the type and location of future education plans, and gauges applicant interest against your closest competitors.

3. Key Decision Factors

Looks at overall factors influencing an applicant's decision to decline (programs, location, campus visit, funding etc.) and prioritizes factors to allow you to act.

4. Marketing Efforts

Asks respondents about the influence of campus visits and tours, recruitment literature, the website and more. This section also asks about the influence of correspondence from the institution.

5. Scholarship Offers

Provides insight into the influence that scholarship offers had on applicants and their decision to decline an offer.

Increasing applicant conversion starts here.

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