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Attracting students is expensive and time consuming, but it’s only the first step. The Acceptance Declined Study (ADS) helps you understand why applicants aren’t accepting their offers so you can make changes to your strategy.


Know what matters

ADS provides a ranked index of factors to help you understand what impacts your applicants, so you can focus attention on what really matters.


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If you are not using the Acceptance Declined Study you’re crazy.
— Chris Mercer, Executive Director, Laurentian University

Academica’s Acceptance Declined Study will help you:

identify your gaps

The detailed report highlights what matters most to your applicants so you can fill in the gaps.

shape your strategy

Custom data results that will help you understand the “why” and shape your growth strategy.

understand the market landscape

Measuring over 50 factors, ADS gives you the whole picture including how you stack up against your competition.

The Applicant Decline Survey provides analysis on:

1. decliner profile

Get a snapshot of exactly who your decliners are: age, region, grade average, employment and age.


4. marketing

Understand what student recruitment activities and marketing material are resonating or not with decliners.  

2. higher ed plans

Understand where your decliners applied, what they wanted to take and their subject matter of choice.



Learn how your scholarship and awards measure up to the competition.

3. key decision factors

Know what factors affected their decision. Program, financials, residence or something else?


6. Regional statistics

Know where you stack up within the region and your average grade.

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